Welcome to Agrovet Marketing! Your caring poultry products supplier in Sri Lanka.

At Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. we offer you a range of quality poultry products for poultry farmers in Sri Lanka for the best price.Aiming to help farmers reduce their costs in feeds while maintaining the accepted nutrient level in their poultry, our product range diverse from enzymes, electrolytes, growth promoters, toxin binders to custom-made vitamin and mineral premixes.

With our strong relationships and partnerships with internationally recognized companies in the poultry feed supplement industry, we can assure you quality products with the highest safety and freshness each and every time. Some of our international partners are FRANK WRIGHT (UK), Alltech Biotechnology(USA), FANO(CHINA) and POLIFAR (CHINA). Being the exclusive distributor of FRANK WRIGHT (the UK) and sole distributor of, Alltech Biotechnology (the USA) we have the privilege to provide our customers with competitive prices in the market.

Founded in 2010, Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. is one of the top players in the local industry who’s known for quality products and superior customer service. We are a company that consider our customers as our first priority and always strive to deliver a tailor-made solution just for you after evaluating your unique requirements.

Regardless of the size of your poultry farm and your location, we have the capability to deliver a satisfying service. Our team at Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. comprised of professionals in the industry including a qualified veterinary doctor, a dedicated sales team who has an extensive experience in the industry and experienced workers is committed to assisting our customer find the right product for their poultry farm.

At Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. our promise is simple; Traceable and efficient growth with quality and safe products. Get in touch with us to improve the health of your poultry for the optimum growth with the best poultry feed supplement supplier in Sri Lanka.

Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. is a leading in poultry product supplier in Sri Lanka that offers a range of high-quality, cost-effective feed additive products that are safe to use. With the aim to help our customers in enhancing their profitability through higher performance we are a company strive to deliver unique poultry feed additives to our customers’ unique needs.

Founded in 2010, Agrovet Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. is a well-established poultry feed additives supplier in Sri Lanka who import products from the best players in the industry including FRANK WRIGHT (UK), Alltech Biotechnology(USA), FANO(CHINA) and POLIFAR (CHINA). With a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, we’ll aid you in finding the best solution for your poultry for a cost-effective price tag.


To become the best poultry products supplier in Sri Lanka known best for guaranteed products and a quality service.


To provide local poultry farmers with aid to keep their poultry healthy for optimum performance through our range of poultry products.